future-proof real estate

The future of urban living is coliving. Turn your property into Citylife apartments in order to increase your returns and lower your risk, all while letting us do the work.

50% higher returns

Through smart design, premium homes, and top-notch service towards tenants, properties managed by Citylife receive 50% higher rent per square meter. Work with us to maximise your return on investment.

floor map

smart design

We design homes in a way to optimise square meter prices. We maximise the use of space to provide members with comfortable homes and investors with exceptional returns.


quality living

In a rental market of sub-par standards, our focus on quality is a tenant magnet. Tenants are prepared to pay premium rent for a premium apartment.

service phone

top-notch service

We provide tenants with attention they aren’t used to. Tech-savvy and highly responsive, Citylife acts as their digital landlord – the best they’ve ever had. 

lower risk

We minimise risk for investors take on in three ways. We carefully curate the members we admit into our community, We also ensure their financial fluency. Finally, due to the demand for Citylife apartments, your property is never empty.


curated community

Our community consists of young, likeminded  people, with a shared passion for city living and social interaction.


financial screening

We screen applicants based on financial background to ensure their fluency and reduce risk of default.


98% occupancy

With a large pipeline of interested members, inbound tenants are lined up before outbound tenants even leave.

property management

High returns, low risk and fully burden-free. Investors are fully relieved of maintenance and administration. Their cashflow and portfolio overview keeps them informed in real-time via the investor portal.

property management

technical maintenance

Maintenance requests are handled directly via our third-party contractors. 

financial admin

financial administration

Rent collection, administration, and debtor policy are fully taken care of.


digital portfolio

The investor portal provides real-time insights into your properties and portfolio.