quality, functionality & style

Homes built with precision and attention to detail. 

spacious living room

As the heart of every home, the living room has to live up to its name. 

private bedrooms

A double-bed, a desk and a chair, and a large closet. The rest is yours to create.

high-end kitchen

Fridge, freezer, oven, stove and dishwasher in a smart and spacious layout.

spotless bathroom

Clean, fresh and newly tiled. The kind of bathroom that smiles back at you.

tasteful finishing

With attention to detail and an eye for design, little things can make the difference. 

outdoor spaces

The spaces on your balcony or rooftop terrace are a breath of fresh air.


Renting at Citylife makes you more than a tenant — it makes you a member. The Citylife community consists of young, open-minded individuals, both local and international, with a common desire to seize the city lifestyle. Learn about our community events, perks and specials.


Community events are never the same. From rooftop parties to BBQ days by the lake, it’s the chance to meet and reunite with other locals, globetrotters or nomads.


Our partner network includes bars, restaurants, workspaces and universities. This means members can enjoy invites or discounts to talks, activities and more.


We never let it get boring. From climbing down a skyscraper to receiving personalised holiday gifts, we’re persistent in giving members a special experience.

tech-savvy renting

We use technology to provide better service. It improves the experience of tenants, and allows us to provide service to members in real-time.

smart home

Our apartments are fitted with high-tech gadgets. Check your screen to see who’s ringing the bell, turn the heating up via your phone, and fade the lights to the perfect setting from your couch.

citylife app

The Citylife app works as your digital landlord. From simple questions to maintenance requests, everything is just a click away. The app is also home to the community & event invites.

real-time service

Because requests are filed digitally, we use automated systems to process the request in real-time and directly mobilise the right contractor to resolve the issue quickly and effectively.

sign up for apartment offers

Each month we release a number of new apartments — all with the same look & feel.  Sign up below to receive exclusive offers the second a new apartment becomes available.

take a virtual tour

A quality home begins with a clever design. Take our virtual tour!