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The Netherlands rated best country for digital nomads to live & work

Remote work & digital nomads in the Netherlands

In today’s world, the notion of workers being chained to an office desk is fast becoming something of the past. Laptops, mobile phones and broadband connections make it easier than ever for employees and businesses to reap the benefits of remote working. These include increased productivity, higher job satisfaction, and reduced office expenditure. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has estimated that 50 percent of employees around the world will be working remotely by 2020.

Yet, some countries are much better set up than others to suit the demands of remote workers – be they employees, freelancers, or entrepreneurs. In this regard, the Netherlands is Europe’s ideal destination for remote workers. With the highest rate of people in remote work, the Netherlands is leading the way for digital nomads.

NL tops the remote workers index 2019

According to the most recent ranking by Plusnet, the Netherlands is the best country in Europe for remote workers. Plusnet compared the 20 most populous EU countries based on 10 factors to evaluate which best meets the needs of remote workers in 2019. The following factors were considered to generate the final ranking:

• Percentage of people currently in remote work
• Number of co-working spaces
• Number of coffee shops
• Average price of coffee
• Number of Wi-Fi hotspots
• Internet Security Score
• EU Commission Transport Score
• Happiness Index score
• Rent Index score
• Cost of living

With an overall score of 682, the Netherlands topped Germany in the ranking. Germany came in second with 651 points, followed by Spain with 619. Meanwhile, the other countries to make it to the top 10 were the UK (598), Poland (580), France (570), Sweden (562), Austria (534), Denmark (509), and the Czech Republic (477).

Cost of living vs. quality of life

The Netherlands was mainly praised for the number of people in remote work (13,7 percent) and its EU Commission Transport Score (1st). It also scored well on the Internet Security Score (2nd), Wi-Fi hotspots (3rd), the number of cafés (3rd) and the Happiness Index (3rd), establishing an effective pathway for digital nomads.

The Cost of Living and Rent Index were the only downsides exposed about the Netherlands. With high prices particularly in cities, it appears that lightning-fast internet, high quality of life, safety, and overall happiness come at a price. It’s therefore no surprise that youngsters turn to the best-balanced mix of city thrill and affordable lifestyle: coliving.