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“Brand-new everything & top-notch service”

What’s it like to rent a Citylife apartment? Don’t take our word for it, here’s what one of our most recent members had to say. Mayeul moved into his apartment just a few weeks ago. Together with three flatmates, he’s having a great time in his new home. Here’s why:

Always well-located

“We’re really well located,” is one of the first things Mayeul lists as an advantage of his new apartment. At Citylife, apartments are dispersed across the city so as to offer something for everyone. Young professionals want to be close to work, students want to be close to campus, and everyone wants to be as close as possible to the city centre. Whether you prefer the business district, student quarters or the downtown buzz, you will find a Citylife apartment in just the right spot for you.

Brand-new everything

Mayeul also points to the brand-new furniture. “It looks new, feels new, is new”. And it doesn’t stop there. Each home has been refurbished from top to bottom. The renovation of each home begins with the layout of all rooms. Next, new floors and tiles are laid, after which all-new bathroom amenities and a high-end kitchen are installed. The furniture then transforms the white canvas into cozy living spaces, with details and tasteful decor to complete the frame. The end product is a brand-new, well-designed coliving home.

Top-notch service

What happened to service in non-service industries? Perhaps a forgotten virtue, we see a lot of lost opportunity by not serving your clients, members, or fans accordingly.