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designing a coliving apartment


"it's not rocket science"

Designing a coliving apartment is easier said than done. But it’s not rocket science. We look at it in 5 different steps: layout, quality, functionality & safety, technology and style. 


Construction begins with pen and paper. This step is about finding the optimal layout that maximises the living and utility area for tenants, and fully exploits the yield potential from an investment point of view. It’s not about saving square meters, but rather about not wasting any. Everything is in just the right space.


Once the layout is set, (re)construction begins. If the goal is to make a high-quality home, this starts with the materials and the labour that builds the foundation. A focus on quality means no cutting corners. This holds true also for the furniture and equipment later installed into the home.

functionality & safety

While practical space attribution is already considered in the layout stage, the functionality and safety become relevant towards the later stages of the process, ensuring that all equipment works flawlessly and that the apartment as a whole has risk mitigation tools (e.g. fire alarms) readily in place.


Next, homes are equipped with state-of-the-art technological devices, from smart lighting to digital bell systems and remote temperature control. These optimise the tenant experience beyond practical functionality and make day-to-day life a seamless and pleasurable experience.


Style is the finishing touch. This part ensures that the home is not only robust, functional, safe, and tech-savvy, but that it looks and feels good. With tasteful decors, based on a general theme which may vary from one apartment to the next, each home has a unique and consistent atmosphere.

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